Nike+ Sport Watch

If you’ve been reading Come Run or Shine for awhile, you may have seen me mention my love for my Nike+ Sportwatch GPS . It’s a great running watch with lots of cool features. It keeps track of stats such as distance, time elapsed, pace, calories, time of day and scrolls through during your run. In the band is a USB so you can connect to your Nike Plus account. It’ll show you a map of your run, complete with elevation, keeps track of personal record, gives encouragement, and other cool features. You can even journal about how you felt each run, keep track of milage on each pair of shoes, and provide information about the weather and terrain. I’ve recommended this watch to several friends since I got mine since I like it so much.

You can imagine how devastating disappointing it was for me this weekend when it died. The last month or so it’s had a few issues with the screen – a weird black area began forming and then this weekend, the screen went completely blank despite being fully charged. I got the watch less than a year ago, so I thought it was pretty crappy that it already pooped out.


I decided to call Nike Plus Support yesterday and figure out what could be done. The guy that I spoke with was so helpful and friendly – I was really impressed. We did some troubleshooting, but determined there was nothing to be done but that the watch was still under warranty. He gave me a couple options for getting a replacement, and he even called the closest Nike Store to me to see if they’d be able to do an exchange for me. The Nike Support guy got it all set up so all I had to do was go to the store (about 20 minutes away at the Mall of America) today and exchange my watch for a shiny new one. The people at the store were super nice about it too. They didn’t have the same color combination anymore, but they gave me this cool black and red one that I think I even like better.


Just in time for a nice late afternoon jog with my puppy.

(Disclaimer: that’s not how many miles I ran tonight – I have a weird habit of always using 24-hour time. Everyone always gives me weird looks about this.)

Workouts so far this week:
Sunday – bike ride with the hubby (not sure how far)
Monday – rest
Tuesday – 4.4 miles with this lovely lady and the Buckmeister doggy
Wednesday – 8 miles
Thursday (today) – 4 miles

Total July miles: 108