About Me

I’m Brooke and I love to run! I began running at a pretty early age probably partially initiated because my mom is also a runner.

Mother and daughter running team!

Mother and daughter running team!

Throughout elementary school, I loved competing in our school’s track and field days every spring. In 7th grade, I joined the cross-country team, and competed all through high school and ran a couple years of track too. In college and grad school, I ran a little more sporadically, basically training for a race here or there or just for fitness, as my schedule allowed. I ran my first half marathon in Chicago my sophomore year of collegechicagohalflaura&me

but mostly stuck to 5Ks once or twice a summer for several years. During my last year of grad school in Omaha, Nebraska, I worked part-time and my employer loved to run a lot of 5 and 10Ks, and encouraged his employees to run with him. Pretty soon, I was signing up for several races a month and was hooked! I moved to LA for a year, continued the trend of running and racing, and now I’m back in Minnesota, my home state, to stay.20130311-130702.jpg

I’m just now starting to run longer distances – I ran two half marathons this year and am signed up for another half as well as my first marathon this fall. Now that I’m finally out of school, I have more time to commit to running more often and further! I run because I love the challenge, how it makes me feel, and to keep me sane!


Enjoy my blog 🙂


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