10 Bucket List Marathons

Came across this article today of 10 Bucket List Marathons – and the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon is on it!!


Here’s my own running bucket list:
1. Twin Cities Marathon
2. Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco
3. Grandma’s Marathon
4. A triathlon!

(Disclosure: this is a brief and realistic edition of my list – anyone who has raced with me knows that I obsessively look for races and make lists twice this long daily.)

On Sunday I went to cheer on Rachel at the YWCA Women’s Triathalon by Lake Nokomis – she did awesome!! I was so proud of her. I got so inspired and hopefully I’ll sign up for it next year. What a great event!

Later that day, Kale and I went for our own bike ride around some of the great trails around Minneapolis. We made a stop for a rest and ice cream at Minnehaha Falls. We actually biked a good portion of the Twin Cities Marathon course – gorgeous!


I love this city.


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