National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day! We all have our own reasons for running, and today we celebrate these reasons.

I celebrated by participating in a free, fun 5K in Santa Monica hosted by the LA Marathon races. We met by San Vincente and Ocean Boulevard and ran down towards the Santa Monica Pier and back. It was so fun to meet up with other local runners to do what we do! It was a beautiful evening for the run, though really windy, especially on the way back.
Miles: 3.1ish, Time: 24:34, 7’57″/mile

We started and ended at the totem pole:

There handed out waters and Cliff Bars, along with leftover LA Marathon shirts and Santa Monica Classic wayfarer glasses.


Those suckers who ran the LA Marathon didn’t realize they could get the same shirt by running 23.1 fewer miles than they did! HA! Joke’s on them. It’s kinda like finding an item you splurged for on clearance…I kid. 🙂

California is kinda purdy.


I started Marathon training this week, sort of. By that I mean I printed a Hal Higdon Marathon Training Plan that has training start this past Monday. I try to kind of follow plans for longer races, mostly so I improve the chances that I’ll feel good on race day and to prevent injuries. I’m sometimes good about following them, sorta kinda…
Here’s what I got so far:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6.15 miles
Wednesday: 3.1 miles as described above!

Question(answer in comments): Did you do anything for National Running Day? Did you know it was National Running Day?


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