Santa Monica Classic 10K

This morning I ran the Santa Monica Classic 10K along Ocean Boulevard and San Vincente. I decided to sign up a couple days ago after some persuasion from my friend Dave (he promised a pool party and BBQ would follow). It was a great little race, nearly identical to the Live Ultimate 10K course I ran back in February.
I haven’t been running a lot since the half marathon two weeks ago, just a couple of 3 and 4 milers this week, so I was hesitant to sign up, but I was glad I did.
The race started at 8:00 and it was already HOT. I picked up my race number, and found Dave, his brother Adam, and a couple of their friends. My hubby told me he was going to sleep in this morning since he didn’t sign up for it, but then he surprised us by showing up half-way up San Vincente where he and Buckley could cheer the group on both on the way out and the way in. Such a nice surprise! He snapped this picture of me:

The race went OK for me – I felt pretty tired and then during the last mile I started dry-heaving a little. I didn’t vom, thankfully, but I seriously hate that! Once in awhile I get the heaves, always at the end of a race with the race photographers wanting to capture that precious memory…
Anyway, I ended up with 49:00; a bit slower than my last two 10Ks but oh well.
We were handed yellow wayfarer sunglasses as we finished the race (awesome) and took some group photos.


And of course a family photo with Kale and Buckley

The post-race expo on the Santa Monica Pier was nothing too fancy, though there was some food (most importantly) and we received our race shirts, which are sooo soft.

I tried this Coconut Water – Green Tea.

20130519-174955.jpg The jury’s still out – I probably wouldn’t get it again but it was ok for free. I love both of those two things individually and I’ll probably continue that trend of enjoying them separately.

Other fun things from the weekend:
-Strawberry Festival on Saturday in Oxnard

Kale got a strawberry funnel cake

-Pool Party, as promised

20130519-222448.jpg #MalibuWithAView
Kale’s birthday is tomorrow so we had a pretty delicious cake for him. Pretty much the whole weekend, we spent doing fun things for his birthday (I even consented to seeing the new Star Trek in the theatre) so it was a pretty above-average weekend at the Brale Household (Brooke + Kale = Brale, obvi). Have a good week!


One thought on “Santa Monica Classic 10K

  1. So fun!! Looks like a great So Cal weekend. Happy Birthday to Kale! And good job running all these races. You are awesome!

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