It’s No Secret

It’s no secret: I LOVE Minnesota.



There are a lot of great things about my home state: “hotdish”

20130515-120100.jpg Garrison Keillor

20130515-120604.jpg and the 10,000 + Lakes.

Uffda, I could go on all day, dontcha know, but either you’re from Minnesota and already know why it’s great, or you have no idea what I’m talking about. I just wanted to make a couple announcements regarding my beloved motherland that I’m a little over the moon about…

1. We’re moving to Minneapolis at the end of June!!!!! It’s taken us awhile to decide what was next for us after this year, but we’re making some final decisions on jobs and will be heading back to the Midwest the last weekend in June. It’s pretty much the best 30th birthday gift this displaced Minnesota girl could ask for (we’ll be moving right after my birthday. Can I bring birthday cake with me in the moving van?)

2. I signed up for my very first marathon – The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon October 6th!! I’m really excited slash a little terrified.

20130515-121718.jpg I know several people who have run it before (including my mom years ago) and late September/early October is usually a pretty nice time of year. The course starts at the Minneapolis metrodome (domed sports venue in downtown), goes along several beautiful lakes, and eventually ends up at the Capitol building in St. Paul. I’ve already started scheming with a dear friend, Rachel (who has been my friend since the FIRST GRADE) about races to do this summer in anticipation of the 26.2. She’s been doing some half marathons and triathlons in the area the last few years, so we’re looking at which half marathon(s??) look like fun this summer. Next on the agenda: “tri-ing” out some triathlons with her?!?



3 thoughts on “It’s No Secret

  1. If the birthday cake doesn’t fit in the moving van, let me know — I’ll have one ready for the second you step onto Minneapolis soil! 🙂 Can’t wait to do lots of races with you!

  2. Welcome home to the Midwest! We will all welcome you back with open arms and a side of lefse (or insert one of your favorite Swedish dishes). You will love the Twin Cities Marathon. It’s a blast with lots of folks cheering all along the route.

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