Today I finally became acquainted with Topanga. No, not Topanga from Boy Meets World

20130511-201202.jpg although that would also be awesome.

Topanga Canyon is a gorgeous hiking area here in LA. My husband has talked about wanting to take me several times (he went his first year out here – back when we were doing the long-distance thing) so today some friends and I decided to go since it was such a nice day. Sadly, Kale had to work and had to live vicariously through all the photos I sent him.

We got up there about 9:30, and it was already getting hot! We hiked about 6 miles according to our calculations, and assessment of our coordinates (*pushes up nerd glasses) so we had a nice little workout. It felt good to get out since I’ve been instructed to do minimum strenuous activity this week on account of my back sutures from my mole biopsy (gross and TMI I know).

And what a view! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:







Nice little Saturday!


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