Welcome to Miami!

Yesterday we took a flight out of LAX at 6am

and arrived in Miami just in time to soak up a couple hours at the pool. I’m here for a work conference, but it didn’t start until 1:30 this afternoon. Nice!

Last night before dinner, I tested out the beautiful hotel gym for a 5 mile run overlooking the pool and hotel grounds. It felt really good, since I didn’t exercise Monday or Tuesday A) because I was giving myself a rest after the weekend and B) we’ve been a little busy coordinating this trip/working on Monday and Tuesday. Kale and I decided on Tuesday to change our flights from Miami to head to Minneapolis for some job interviews!! We were previously planning on going in May, but a couple of the places we’re looking at were eager to get going sooner. Yay!

Our group went for dinner last night at a great Italian place. I must’ve eaten an entire loaf of bread, it was so good. I split a salad with my girl Ani, and had a huge plate of penne pasta with broccoli and roasted garlic. I’m sure that was appreciated by all because I was quickly offered a stick of gum after dinner 😉 Afterwards, we relaxed at a really cool place that had hammocks and giant beds and the coolest lighting around a pool. This is the life.


This morning I went for a 5 mile run along the ocean. There is a great beachfront path that goes along all the hotels and it is an absolutely gorgeous day today! Last couple miles it was really starting to get humid so it wasn’t the best run, but good to get up and explore and check out some beautiful views.




Off to meetings!!


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