CicLA Via

Yesterday Kale and I participated in CicLA Via with our friends Mike and Andrea. I really had no idea what was happening (I must have been delirious after my long run Saturday when asked if I wanted to go) but knew it involved some biking, Venice Boulevard, and food trucks. Obviously, I was in.


We left home about 8:45 after waking up pretty early, taking Buckley for a walk to get bagels, and having some coffee. Turns out, CicLA Via is an event that closes Venice Blvd from the beach all the way to downtown, and allows bikes, rollerbladers, and skateboarders to dominate the street for the majority of the day. There were several stops offering first aid to those needing it, free bike repairs, and best of all -food trucks!

Eventually I realized that we were actually biking all the way downtown and that was actually 15 miles one way. Good to know. My legs were a little tired from my run the previous day, but we got shaved ice and lemonades when we got Downtown and they were awesome. I hardly ever go Downtown, so it was fun to be able to ride down there and be amid the crowds of people on bikes.

The way coming back was a little slow because TENS OF THOUSANDS of people were participating: LA Times article
A little bit before Culver City, I started to loose some steam – so hungry and my legs were rebelling against me, but we found an awesome Korean burrito food truck. I had a tofu burrito and it pretty much tasted like the best thing I’d ever eaten. I washed it down with a frozen lemonade too. I felt the life return to my body 🙂


It was such a neat event! There were all sorts of crazy bikes and unicycles. One guy had such a tall bike he had to duck under stop lights – no lie!!

Overall I had a great time, just wished I would’ve had a rest day before the 30 mile ride (and I should have packed some snacks. Or stopped at more food trucks 😉 )


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