Long Run & The Ab Hancer


Last night Kale and I had a lovely date night in Santa Monica at a restaurant we haven’t tried before called Fritto Misto. Definitely a winner. Reasonably priced, big salads, huge vegetarian section – I was in heaven. Kale and I split a small salad (they have individual, small, and large sizes. Their small = what normal restaurants call a large entree salad), Kale had the jumbo ravioli, and I had the spicy jalapeño mushroom ravioli. So interesting and delicious!

They even brought us a flour-free piece of chocolate cake on the house for being first time customers. We’re definitely going back!

This morning I went for a 14 mile run – the length of San Vincente and back, then down to the beach and up to Will Rogers and back (pretty much the same as my long run last week just 2 miles further). I felt pretty good but the last few miles I felt pretty tired and it was getting pretty warm.


Kale picked me up a case of these yummy coconut waters at Costco – love him! I did some damage to this liter after my run 🙂


We’re going to a conference in Miami this week, and the guys I work with have been joking about all the working out they’re doing to prepare their beach bods. I told them not to sweat it, they can just get the Ab Hancer:



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