91 Year Old Half Marathoner and My Week

This week has been a little nuts so pardon the lack of posts.  I had a couple of late evenings at work, and then a couple of really late evenings, plus trying to job search back in the Midwest (rather difficult when you’re two thousand miles away, turns out), so needless to say, I’m so happy it’s the weekend.

My favorite running article of the week:

Mike Fremont, age 91

Mike Fremont, age 91

Mike Fremont, 91, Finishes Knoxville Half Marathon in 3:04 | Runner’s World & Running Times.

My hubby actually found the article (look at him – reading up on running!) and told me that he hopes he lives to be in his 90s because he knows I’ll be still running like this guy.  I can only hope! What an inspiration.

My workouts this week:

Sunday – about 3-ish miles.  Wasn’t feeling it after the race Saturday so decided to keep it light.

Monday – cross-train.  Elliptical/bike/weights/pushups/abs

Tuesday – 6 miles on the treadmill

Wednesday – rest day as I was at work for um…13 hours. Boo.

Thursday – 6 miles with Kale on San Vincente.

Friday – quick 3 miles on the treadmill before going to The Counter in Santa Monica for dinner. I had a pretty great jalapeño grilled cheese (it was National Grilled Cheese Day yesterday!! Apparently…) and about a thousand fries, including some covered with parmesan cheese. Then frozen yogurt. Not the healthiest meal all week, but it tasted great after a looooooonnng week.

Today – great 12 mile run on San Vincente and down on the beach towards Will Rogers. It was kind of cooler (in the 50s) with some sprinkles of rain so it wasn’t the most beautiful California morning, BUT I’m not attempting to get any sympathy as I know my family and friends back in Minnesota are getting yet another snowstorm this weekend! Where are you, spring?
Anyway, so I decided to wear my new jacket that I got (free!) at the Hollywood Half Marathon/10K/5K last weekend.


I honestly didn’t think I would get any use out of it (except perhaps for post run chills) until moving back to the Midwest, but it was great to warm up in today.  I got too hot after about 2 miles, but it was nice and light and not annoying to tie around my waist.

For longer runs, I like to bring a few things with me these days because I’ve had a couple runs in the past that have turned out to be kind of rotten because either A) I was so dehydrated and hot – especially on warmer days along the beach and no water, or B) I had no energy after awhile because I didn’t eat enough before my run and didn’t bring anything with calories.  So I started out having some breakfast and water (and a bit of coffee! Obviously) before heading out, and had some of these fun Jelly Belly Sports Beans. I LOVE jellybeans, and when I first saw these I thought they were too good to be true. They taste pretty good, and I *think* they give me a little boost because I felt great today.


I also brought my running water bottle that I picked up a couple months ago at TJMaxx for super cheap. In the pocket, I stuffed a GU Energy Gel for mid-run.


I really hate carrying things while I run, but for longer runs, I make myself do it so I don’t crash and burn out there.  I drank pretty much the whole bottle, in little sips throughout the run and took the GU at about mile 7.  Thankful to have both with me today.

After the run, I stretched and had a bunch more water and some coconut water.


Actually, right after I took this picture, I checked the top of the coconut water and the expiration date was over a month ago!! They were giving them out after last week’s race, but I didn’t drink mine then because it wasn’t very cold, but now I find out they were giving out expired drinks at the race!! OUTRAGE! I didn’t want to chance it, (I had a run-in with some expired milk this week and it wasn’t pretty) and plus I had more coconut water at home, but it wasn’t the fun lychee flavor like the one in the picture.  Boo Urns.

My run:

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 3.24.56 PM

I was RAVENOUS when I got back and promptly ate a huge plate of hash browns and eggs with soy chorizo.  And a fruit smoothie.  Glorious.  My smoothie had bananas, which I always like to have after (or before) a run to avoid cramps.


And then I’m Back in Business.  Note: This is not actually an ad for bananas, but rather for the world’s greatest TV show of all time, Arrested Development. It only aired for 3 seasons in 2003-2006, BUT NOW, after a long hiatus (in which time I probably watched each episode about 7 times) a new season is coming to Netflix in May. SO SO excited.

Auf Wiedersehen!


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