Hollywood Half Marathon/10K/5K

Yesterday I ran a 10K at the Hollywood Half-Marathon/10K/5K event.  The day started pretty-pretty-pretty early as I dragged myself out of bed at 4:30am to drive from West LA to Hollywood.  I don’t venture out to Hollywood that often, so I wanted to give myself enough time to find parking, try to do gear-check (my hubby was out of town so I couldn’t pawn off my gear on him as usual!), and get stretched.  I got to Hollywood a little after 5am and couldn’t really find any good parking so had to settle on the $2.50 every TWELVE MINUTES parking ramp.  Seriously, this city’s parking is ridiculous.  But I’m getting distracted…

Didn’t make it to the gear check because they didn’t transport the gear from the start to the finish like in other races I’ve been in, and the start and finish were like a mile apart.  Soooo I didn’t have time slash I didn’t want to walk that far before the race, but it was fine. I’m on-call this week, so I had wanted to be able to check my pager as soon as I finished the race but it ended up being fine.  (I REFUSE to run with the pager.  Or really be seen with it if I can help it, unless it becomes absolutely necessary when it starts going off and everyone starts wondering who the heck has a pager and why they don’t make it stop buzzing.) Anyway, my point is, I kind of wish they had organized the gear check a little better, but minor complaint.

All three races all started together and were inter-mixed in the corrals.  I was in corral 9 so it took quite a while to get to the start,  IMG_2298        but got to check out a couple of Hollywood sites as I waited.


Along the course, there weren’t a ton of sites to see (or celebs – their “run with the stars” slogan is a little misleading.  Unless I just didn’t recognize anyone, which is entirely possible) but it was still a decent fast-ish course (I guess they had a killer hill last year).  I still wished a little that I had upgraded to running the half-marathon, but considering how much I ended spending on parking later, it would’ve been a pretty expensive race all together, haha).  The course was a down and back along Hollywood Boulevard, and the finish was on Vine Street.

My official time was 48:06, and I got 2nd place in my age category and 6th overall for women, so that was a perk.  No PR today, but I felt good.

The “Red Carpet” was set up, which was kind of a cute idea.


I wore my new REI running skirt, which I am officially in love with.  I have to admit, I was skeptical about the running skirts for awhile, but now I think they’re super cute and really nice to run in.

While I was enjoying some post-race nourishment, I noticed that my FAVORITE-all-time-obsessed-with-most-fabulous-actress-of-all-time had her star just off of the finish line.  Had to get a photo.


Although the race started so early, the festivities last until 11am (I left before that but stuck around for a couple hours).  They had a singing group and an 80’s band (pretty rad). IMG_2314They were pretty ridiculous, but very entertaining and pretty decent musically.  In between acts, they had people throwing out prizes into the crowd to people who were “groovin’.”  Since I was running alone and no one I knew to judge my horrible moves, I was all about the post-race dancing.  And guess what? It got one of the people on stage to throw me a sweet running jacket!! I was pretty pleased.  I’ve been wanting one for awhile, but most days in LA do not necessitate a jacket, and plus I’m pretty cheap these days.  So free = major win. Here it is:


Overall, it was a pretty fun race.  It’s only the second year they’ve had it, so I know they still have some kinks to work out, but overall, pretty well organized.

Some criticism:

1) Parking at both the expo and race day was really expensive.  And the race was pretty expensive too.  But I’m pretty cheap.

2) Start and finish were so far away from each other and it was not convenient to do gear check unless you had someone with you.

3) The post-race party/awards was a little disorganized.

4) I was hoping to run with Clooney. Alas… 😉


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