Hollywood Half/10K/5K Expo

Happy Friday!! I took this week a little easy since tomorrow I’m running the Hollywood 10K.
Tuesday – 4.3 miles in the neighborhood
Wednesday – unwanted rest day because I had too many articles to read for work. Humph.
Thursday – 5 miles on the treadmill. Ab workout and started the “100 push-ups” app.
Today – quick treadmill jog followed by Core Power Yoga. I decided to try the yoga with weights class…yeah, I hope I can move tomorrow in my race. What a killer core/arms/legs/cardio workout! But seriously, I hope I can move tomorrow. And the next day.


Yesterday I went to the Hollywood Half Marathon/10K/5K Expo. All week I was feeling very tempted to switch to the half marathon, so I inquired when I went to pick up my race packet. However, it was going to be an additional $50 and I remembered that that was why I didn’t sign up for the half in the first place. Love the 10K distance though so it should be a good time.

Some pictures from the expo:


Weird statue of Johnny Depp (I think…) that I was too creeped out to actually get my picture with.



The loot:


Better get to bed because this race starts early!!!


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