Workout Recap, Aquarium, and Anniversary

Happy Good Friday/Cesar Chavez Day (only celebrated here in Cali I’m pretty sure)/no work today!!

Workouts this week:

Monday – cross train. 20 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes stationary bike, abs, arms

Tuesday – 5 miles on treadmill

Wednesday – 4.3 miles around the neighborhood

Thursday – 6 miles on San Vincente with Buckley

Friday – 10 miles with my hubby from San Vincente down along the beach. I was so proud of him!! He ran really great today and was even trying to decide on a pace goal for the half marathon we’re doing next month!!


Other things this week: it’s our 6 month anniversary today!! Yesterday we actually had the day off as well as today (4 day weekends are amazing!) so he surprised me by taking me to the Aquarium in Long Beach! We are big New Girl fans, and a few weeks ago Schmitt and Winston went to an aquarium

and we were talking about wanting to go sometime, so he researched which it was and took me. He’s the best. We were surrounded by a sea of school kids (and schools of fish!) on field trips and were basically the only adults without kids, but it was great.
A few pics from our adventure:



These sea dragons are just about the coolest fish in the sea.



Then today, we spent the day doing things that the other loves – hence the 10 mile run this morning, and then we headed off to a KU basketball watch party in Hollywood.

Sadly, they lost to Michigan in overtime 😦 No final four this season. We got Yogurtland to eat away our sorrows. Yummy McYummersom.



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