March Madness, Weekends are Wonderful, and Tank Tutorial

What a glorious weekend! The weather here in LA was just beautiful – sunny, warm, but not hot at all. I got outside a bit this weekend, although certain people in this household are maniacs for March Madness and watched an unhealthy amount of college basketball over the weekend
I’ve never been into watching basketball and in fact was guilty of being rather clueless about the sport in general (see below)

That all changed when I started dating my husband who is coocoo for KU basketball. We’re talking obsessed. So I try to pay some attention and learn a little and show interest in his passions, like a good little wife 😉 I think I’ve done pretty well, considering I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in my family who’s ever watched a full basketball game (and only very recently. And usually with a book or iPad in hand), and Kale hasn’t missed a KU basketball game since 1984. I even get a little excited sometimes. But I’ve gotta say, watching this much of ANYTHING (even Downton Abby or Homeland) is too much for me.  So I took some breaks throughout the weekend to get outside and run and enjoy the weather. Everyone’s happy 🙂

Friday – 6 miles after a long day at work. I came back to a living room with not one, not two, but THREE monitors set up with three different games going on. But add a few friends and some Indian takeaway, and it ended up being a pretty fun evening.
Saturday – began the morning with an easy 4 mile run with the doggie. After my run, my friend Kirstin and I went and got MASSAGES! Best.Idea.Ever. I felt like a new woman. Buckley and I then spent a couple hours on the balcony with coffee and a good book.

My sister-in-law and some others met up with us for a few glorious hours at the beach. More reading and napping. And then more basketball…
Today – 4 miles on San Vincente. It felt really good and the weather was great, although pretty windy.


Fun Pinterest project (I actually do a few of the projects I “pin” – infrequently yes, but every once in awhile). A few weeks ago I had a class for work and this company gave us all a little goodie bag. One of the things they gave us was an XXL tshirt. This is not my preferred size. But, I remembered a project that I had pinned awhile back and decided to give it a try.

If you go to this site, it’ll talk you through step by step from oversized tee to workout tank: Racerback Workout Shirt Tutorial
My result:


So crafty.
Looking forward to the week – only three days of work and then a 4 day weekend! And apparently no games until Thursday…I get my husband back for a few days!! 😀


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