Happy Second Day of Spring!!

Happy second day of spring! For some of us, it feels more like spring than others.  In reality, I can’t really tell a huge difference between any of the seasons in SoCal.  Back in Minnesota, they can’t tell that it’s spring yet either since it’s still wavering between 4°F – 8°F.  I tell you what though, the first day to hit above 45°F, everyone is out in shorts enjoying the weather.  Minnesotans are never one to squander a “it feels warm in comparison” kind of day.  It makes everyone extra cheerful nice.  Which is really really really nice.   Can you tell I’m homesick? 😉

Yesterday I had a nice, relaxed 6 mile run around Brentwood before work, then biked the 6 mile total commute (good idea considering how bad traffic has been the last few days).  Today I ran 4 miles before work, and then drove (bad idea for the previously mentioned reason.)  I hate hate hate hate hate hate LA traffic.


With spring already upon us, I decided I should make my toenails finally presentably for potential sandal weather.  Personally, I think I’m doing pretty well with a 7/10 healthy toenail count.  Others beg to differ and are appalled that I would do something (that thing being running of all things!) that would make me loose toenails.  Is it just me, or does it almost seems like it’s a bit of a pride thing when runners’ toenails turn black and fall off? Like we’re tough enough to handle it or something.  I don’t really get it, but it doesn’t really bother me that they fall off either.  When I got married last September, the mani-pedi ladies were appalled at the state of my toenails.  We had to decide on navy blue to cover it up and they joked that they would charge me less since the dead nails almost matched the navy blue.


I finished “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall today – such a good book!  Definitely a must read for all runners.  I am in awe of ultra-marathoners, and it was so interesting to learn about different elites, and especially about the Tarahumara Native American tribe in Mexico.  I hadn’t heard anything about the Tarahumara until I read this book, but man can those guys run!  It’s pretty incredible.  I know everyone seemed to be reading this awhile back, but I finally got to it, so if you haven’t yet read it, DO IT NOW.  I stayed up late several nights because I couldn’t put it down.


Friday tomorrow! So excited for the weekend!


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