Week Recap, House guests, and (watching) the LA Marathon!

Finally catching up on the week – we’ve had visitors all week (first my friend Ami and her friend, then a friend of a friend who’s moving into our place this summer when we leave, and my hubby’s cousin and her friend!) so it’s been really hectic. But so fun!
Workouts this week:
Monday – Jillian Michaels DVD.
Tuesday – 4.5 mile run outside with the pooch. Didn’t feel too hot.
Wednesday – rest. Still wasn’t feeling very good. Biked to work.
Thursday – 3 miles on treadmill before work, then biked to work.
Friday – 5 mile treadmill run before dinner at a yummy pizza place in Santa Monica. Where I saw the charming Luke Wilson a couple tables away. As a non-Californian, I always get a little kick out of celeb sitings. Plus LW is pretty easy on the eyes.
Saturday – wonderful 9 mile run outside. First 2 miles along the beach in Santa Monica where they were starting to prepare for the LA marathon, then ran up and down San Vincente. Loved the colder weather, about 56 degrees in the middle of the day. The people out there in hats and gloves probably thought I was crazy in my running tank top and shorts but it felt great. Afterwards I walked a lot (probably at least a couple more miles) down in Venice beach with my friend after lunch at Lemonade. Love that place.


Sunday – woke up early and walked a few blocks to watch the LA marathon!! I think the reason I felt a little sick earlier this week is because I officially have MARATHON FEVER! A little. Maybe this fall 😀 I’m nervous because it’ll be my first but excited too. Still non-committal but check the Twin Cities Marathon page daily. Obsessed but still unsure…
Aleksandra Duliba from Belarus won the women’s race and also the gender challenge since the men didn’t catch up to her. Pretty pretty impressive. Her time was 2:26:08.

She was running so fast I couldn’t even snap her picture before she flew by us.

The pack of elite men. The men’s winner was Erick Mose who is Kenyan but born in Mexico. 2:9:44.

Buckley loves being a running spectator when he’s not hitting the trails himself.
I’m also super inspired by the wheelchair division.


For lunch we took some of our house guests to Santa Monica and hung out where all the runners were milling around after the race. In the evening I ran 3 miles on the treadmill.
Monday – cross training. 20 minutes on elliptical, 15 on the bike, and some weights.
Whew caught up finally! Hopefully this week is a little more relaxed and I can keep up a little better. Happy Monday!


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