Monday Monday

This weekend I finally started feeling a little better, finally. I just hate feeling sick and not able to run! I took a rest day both Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, I had a class for work in Valencia for most of the day. Between still being a little sick and headaches almost every day (and I rarely get headaches) and about four cups of free coffee at the class, I came home with a splitting headache. I rested for a few hours and started to feel a little better, so I headed to San Vincente for a nice 4 mile jog. It was right around dusk and B-eautiful.

These trees might be my favorite thing about LA. Honestly. I want to transplant one to the midwest when I move.
I ran up to the beach and saw a wedding going on along the beach so I played paparazzi and snapped a shot. No telephoto on the iPhone so just take my word for it that those little dots are people at the wedding.

It was just such a pretty evening, I couldn’t help taking a few more.



I swear I ran too.
4.09 miles, time 33:04, 8’05″/mile

On Sunday, Kale and I headed to the beach for a long run. It was pretty warm and really crowded. I stopped in to REI, pretty much my favorite store, and finally got some new running sunglasses. They are really lightweight, polarized, and the best part: on sale!! Wooo!

I decided to try these energy gummies from Power Bar that I got as a sample from a recent race. Pretty delicious.


I headed north this time to avoid the crowds a little especially around the Santa Monica pier and Venice. It was definitely a good plan, though I still ended up running almost to Venice beach on the way back to get my last couple miles in.

Distance: 8 miles Time: 1:07 Pace: 8’28″/mile

We came home ravenous, ate an early dinner like the old married couple we are, and I fell asleep on the couch watching TV shows on my iPad. Lazy Sunday evening 🙂



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