NOT starting off on the wrong foot…

So sad, my post that I was working on last night froze up and I lost it.  Luckily (or not??) not much has happened this week so I’m not terribly behind.  Can’t start my first blogging week off on the wrong foot! (Bad runner’s joke – sorry)

I had a decent treadmill run on Tuesday watching Big Bang theory (the gym in our building is small, I’m usually the only one there, and there is cable.  Makes treadmill runs not half bad).  5 miles, 41:37.

I had Wednesday morning off of work which was glorious.  I appear to be coming down with something and haven’t been sleeping that stellar, so I took the opportunity to SLEEP IN.  I still woke up with a bit of a headache, but really wanted to run and thought maybe it would make me feel better.  Buckley accompanied me on a leisurely 6 mile run through Brentwood.  I did feel a little better when I got done, for awhile anyway.

I showered and made some quick lunch, then hopped on my bike for the 3 mile ride to work.  I haven’t been doing that too much lately, but LOVE when I do.  Now that the days are getting a little longer and I’m getting finished with work USUALLY by 5:30 I’m going to start up again.  It was just hard during the winter months when it was pitch dark when I’d leave.  After all, this IS LA.  One can never be too careful.  It’s hard enough making the cars watch out for you in broad daylight and not direct their road rage against you.

NOT the streets of LA

NOT the streets of LA

I’m a midwest girl where all the stop signs are like a competition as to who is more polite and nice.  “No really, you were here first.” “Oh no, please, after you.” “No, no, I insist.” “Hey, did you happen to catch the last Twins game?”  “OHHH yah, they were just super, weren’t they?”


Later in the day, I was still feeling a little under the weather, and hasn’t really improved today.  So I’m taking a rest day today from running today and that pretty much catches you up for the week.  That and I’m finally reading “Born to Run” and can barely put it down.  I’ll review it when I finish it.  I know it’s old news and everyone’s read it already, but as my “to read pile” is constantly sky-high I’m just getting to it now.

Continuing with a few recent-ish run recaps, I’ll move on to the next:


This was a great race! My sister-in-law ran the 10K with me, and there was also a 5K and kiddie run.  So fun.  It was a beautiful morning in Santa Monica, and we ran up Ocean Ave to San Vincente – pretty nice incline between especially miles 2 and 4, but the last two miles were easy-breezy going back downhill.  My last mile ended up being my fastest, with a 6’58” average min/mile.  Distance: 6.2,  Time: 47:15,  Average pace 7’35” mins/mile.


Metals for everyone!

The race after party was on the Santa Monica pier with a lots of music, food, and Swag.

My sister-in-law and me

My sister-in-law and me after the race

Welp, that’s about all I got. Hoping to feel better tomorrow and up for a longer run this weekend. Seeyoubye.


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