Cross-Training Monday

Back to work Monday and for as not busy as I was at work, I was exhausted! I think boredom makes me more tired than being busy. Kind of like how running invigorates you even though it’s physically demanding. I got home and got to Skype with my family before willingly letting Ms. Jillian Michaels control me for 30 minutes. My 10 week half-marathon training schedule from (I used them for my last half and liked it pretty well. Plus it was free) calls for Mondays to be cross-training.
So Jillian it was today.


And then my wonderful husband made delicious dinner of pasta bake and salad.


I went back for seconds.  Yum.

Since I don’t have any races planned until the Safari Park Half Marathon on Cinco de Mayo (though it’s very likely I’ll sign up for at least 1-2 prior to the half) I thought I’d do a few recaps of races I’ve done earlier this year.  If you’re in the area, maybe you’ll check them out next year.

Two weeks ago, one of my good friends invited me to spend the weekend with her in the OC, and spur of the moment, we decided to sign up for the Brea8K.  What a great race!  (Although I was cursing the hills as I ran.  Haven’t had so many hills in a race for awhile!)  It was extremely well organized and the best part – the food and swag afterwards!! They had about 20 restaurants (Panera, B.J.’s, Corner Bakery, Jamba Juice…on and on) and provided full on meals! Pizza slices, 1/2 burgers, salads, bagels.  It was pretty great.  Highly recommend this race to anyone near Brea next year.

Sadly, no pictures from the race.  I looked up those pictures they take of you at the worst parts of the race looking like you’re being punished and guess what they charged for a digital copy? $25!! Absurd! Not doing it.  Sorry.



My stats from the race:

Distance: 8K/5miles

Time: 38:03

Average pace: 7:36 mins/mile

Ok, see you bye.




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